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Understanding Our Process


Find a Lot

In spec home building, we analyze market trends for area preferences. This informs our decisions on home details. After finalizing the concept, we secure land considering location and regulations, collaborating with architects to create a detailed plan aligned with market and our vision.


Develop + Construct

With planning done, we initiate construction, managing everything from foundation to essential systems. Unlike custom homes, spec homes use standardized designs for efficiency. This phase balances quality and cost-effectiveness, crafting an appealing home within budget.


Home for Sale

After construction, we enter the marketing phase. We showcase the spec home to potential buyers through open houses, virtual tours, and online listings, highlighting its unique features. Once we secure a buyer, we handle legal and financial aspects like contracts and permits. Once procedures are done, we hand over the keys, and you're home!

Why Build With Jefferson Homes

The initial phase of establishing a residence involves crafting a budget, a task we facilitate by collaborating with a range of lenders capable of helping with budget formulation for both construction as well as permanent financing.

Following the budget's creation, we recommend a consultation with Jefferson Homes to cover the following:

  • Pinpointing a desired location and plot.

  • Commencing the conceptual design development.

  • Opting for a suitable site for your upcoming dwelling. Leaning on our expertise, we're primed to help you navigate the site evaluation process and understand the associated construction expenses.

  • Finalizing the blueprint for your new home. You can either make updates to our existing plans or commission a tailored design exclusively for your needs.

  • Making choices regarding the interior and exterior finishes of the residence.


Subsequently, the construction phase begins. We extend an open invitation for you to visit the site as frequently as you desire during the construction journey, and we're readily available to address any questions you may have.

Prior to taking occupancy, we arrange a walk-through to familiarize you with the home's system operations and provide an opportunity to seek clarifications.


Lastly, it will be time to move in and enjoy your new home knowing you have Jefferson Homes quality built in.


Constructing a home demands a substantial dedication of time, finances, and energy. With attention to detail and a relentless pursuit of excellence, we are committed to seeing this through, every time.

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